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If you’re managing multiple medications, SelectRx can help you find peace of mind, feel less stressed and improve your overall health.

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Why you should choose SelectRx

A pharmacy specializing in medication management like SelectRx is more than just a place to pick up your prescriptions. We focus on chronic, complex conditions and those who take multiple medications, providing a personalized and simplified pharmacy experience to help you take control of your health. Learn more about why you should consider working with SelectRx below.

Select Rx

Retail Pharmacy

Automatic refills backed by communication with your doctor(s) about your most up-to-date medications

Free service and free automatic in-home delivery each month—all you have to pay is your co-pays

Personalized daily medication packets

Available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have & provide medication education

Consistent communication between your family, caregivers, doctor(s), and pharmacist(s)

Direct connection to available services and resources through your Population Health membership to help you further improve your health and provide potential savings

With SelectRX, your medications are synced up to a monthly cycle, packed in easy to use medication packets and delivered directly to your door. A pharmacist will get to know more about your needs through a review of all of your medications when you first start working with SelectRx. Then, a member of our Population Health team will regularly check-in to ensure:

  • Your health needs are met

  • You’re receiving all of the free resources available to you

  • You understand the benefits of your medication(s) and how they work together

Say goodbye to waiting in lines, multiple trips to the pharmacy, sorting your medications, or worrying about your next dose. Call 1-855-984-5102 to learn more about SelectRx today.

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