SelectRx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


General Questions

SelectRx is a full-service pharmacy that specializes in medication management, providing a simple and safe solution to help manage your prescriptions for free. Through our monthly subscription service, we sort and deliver your medications in an easy-to-use box that includes custom, individualized daily packets and our Customer Care Team provides additional support to ensure you have everything you need to stay on track.

No, your medication box will be refilled and delivered automatically each month. A SelectRx Care Team member will work directly with your doctor(s) and insurance to renew your prescriptions, but it is very important that you notify us of any changes (such as dosage increases or decreases, discontinued medicines, address changes, etc.), as they may affect your next box.

No need to call your doctor(s) office to refill your prescriptions. Once you’re enrolled SelectRx’s program, we’ll communicate with your doctor on an on-going basis for all of your prescription needs.

Your medication box should be stored in a cool climate, away from humidity, and kept in a safe place that you’ll remember so you can take your medications at the appropriate times everyday. The box is not child-resistant and should be kept out of reach of children.

Just as with traditional prescription vials, in accordance with pharmacy regulations, the box cannot be returned once it leaves the pharmacy. If you have any questions about getting rid of expired, unused or unwanted medications, you can find more information on our medication disposal page or by visiting one of the sites below.

Drug Enforcement Administration U.S. Food & Drug Administration

We’ll be able to manage any medication changes (additions, discontinuations, changes in strength, etc.), but please contact SelectRx immediately upon any prescription changes so we can properly communicate with your doctor(s) to make accommodations.

If you need an antibiotic, short-term medication, or prescription filled fast, please contact the SelectRx Care Team as soon as you can. We’ll work with you and your doctor(s) to determine the best course of action to get you your medication.

Yes. If your prescription is written for a half tablet or if your doctor prescribes a dose that is not made by the manufacturer, SelectRx will package half tablets and/or split dosages as specified by your doctor.

Yes! We can ship refrigerated medications in temperature-controlled packaging.

If you are having an adverse reaction that is causing concern, please call your doctor and/or 911 immediately. The pharmacy should be notified once you’re safe. We’ll work with you and your doctor(s) to make appropriate changes to ensure your safety.

Our team of pharmacists combine a thorough manual process and innovative imaging to ensure the accuracy of every pack. If you ever have concerns about your medications, please contact us immediately.

Please contact us immediately if you are concerned about your medication appearance.

Your safety is our top priority and we are following all state, federal and CDC guidelines to protect our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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