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Once we have all the info we need, you can take a deep breath. We’ll have your personalized monthly box and medication packets delivered right to your door and you never have to worry about calling for a refill.

Connect with one of our trained professionals (they’ll call you!) so we can learn more about your current health situation and you can learn more about how we can help.

We’ll continue to check in to make sure you still have the medications you need and are taking advantage of all the free health services and resources available to you.

Working with SelectRx is really as easy as it sounds. You focus on your health, we’ll handle the rest.

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What People are Saying

“I am very pleased with your program. I no longer get confused when taking my meds and have not missed a dose since starting the program.

— F.A.

“I suffer from chronic memory loss and was having trouble keeping track of my meds. This program has changed my quality of life.

— J.S.


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