Discover Your Patient’s Preferred Pharmacy

We’re dedicated to making your patient’s pharmacy experience convenient and easy. Learn more about SelectRx below.


Who is SelectRx?

SelectRx is a patient-centered pharmacy specializing in medication management for patients who have chronic, complex conditions and take multiple medications. Our priority is to optimize adherence and help your patients stay healthy and safe at home. We do this through:

Patient Engagement & Support

Our Customer Care Team will check to:

  • Make sure your patient has everything they need

  • Discuss changes to any medications

  • Answer questions about prescriptions or our service

Automatic Refills & Free Home Delivery

Personalized SelectRx boxes are sent each month, including:

  • No more worrying about refills

  • No more trips to the pharmacy

  • No more waiting in lines

Adherence Packaging

We make organizing and managing prescriptions easy, to ensure your patient:

  • Takes the right medications at the right time

  • Feels the benefits of being consistent with their prescriptions

  • Improves their overall health and well-being

Help Your Patients Stay Healthy with SelectRx

Reduce treatment failures

Avoid hospitalizations and deaths

Improve your patient’s overall health and well-being

SelectRx has improved adherence of our customers to an average rate of


SelectRx has more than


adherence for the top disease states of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol


of patients fail to take medications as directed1


of hospital readmissions could be prevented if medications are taken as prescribed2

Not taking medications as directed could cost up to



Over 90% was the perceived level of adherence for patients with an actual medication adherence of less than


Why SelectRx?

Patient Benefits

  • Simplified medication management experience

  • No additional cost, only copays

  • Improved medication effectiveness and quality of life

  • Increased safety

  • Improved overall satisfaction

  • Reduced medication related errors

  • Reduced adverse events and hospital admissions

Clinician Benefits

  • Easier medication reconciliation process

  • Reduced patient confusion regarding poly pharmacy

  • Reduced hospital, skilled nursing home and ER admission and avoidable costs

  • Increased medication adherence and quality outcomes

  • Improved patient safety

  • Increased HEDIS and Star performance

Express Med and Simple Meds Now Part of SelectRx

Express Med Pharmacy Services and Simple Meds were both acquired by SelectRx in 2021. Both online pharmacies focused on improving the prescription and pharmacy process through ease of medication delivery and customer support. Today, SelectRx provides a simple and safe solution to help your patients manage their prescriptions and pharmacy experience to take control of their health.

How to Change Your Patient’s Pharmacy

Update Patient’s Medical Record

Our preferred method of transmission is E-PRESCRIBING. Please update your records to indicate this patient’s new pharmacy.

Respond to Patient’s Pharmacy Change Request

Please be sure to compare your patient’s self-reported medication profile to your records. Once confirmed, please e-prescribe all active medications to SelectRx out of your EHR system.

We’ll Take It From There

Once SelectRx is set as the patient’s preferred pharmacy, we’ll have a personalized monthly box and medication packets delivered right to your patient’s door. Our Customer Care team will keep in contact to make sure they have the medications they need.

To assist us in supporting your patient with adherence, please authorize new prescriptions with an equal number of refills per script. This will allow us to synchronize their medications to a common date-driven cycle. This process will also decrease the number of refill requests placed with your office each year.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-855-224-1879.