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Once we have your medications, here’s what happens next…

As we start to receive medications from your doctors, a pharmacist will review them for accuracy and potential drug, disease or allergy interactions.

Whether we have one or all of your medications on file, we’ll start coordinating prescriptions to make sure they’re filled at the same time each month. As more medications come in, they will be added to your box. Please note that it could take a couple boxes to get all of your medications into our system, and some may remain in vials instead of your daily packets. Click here to learn more about the coordination of your medications.

Your medications will be placed in personalized, easy-to-use packets and delivered right to your door each month. If you prefer your medications remain in vials, you can request that by contacting our team at 1-855-224-1879. Our pharmacists use custom technology to inspect each box to ensure its accuracy.

Your personalized SelectRx box will automatically be delivered each month along with any other over-the-counter medications you need. Please note that it may take several weeks to receive your first box. This timeline is dependent on when your doctor submits your prescriptions to us.

Note: Your box will include your invoice and dose instructions. We’ll also be in contact to confirm delivery of your box and to answer any questions you may have.

Avoid Becoming a Statistic & Stay Healthy with SelectRx

We’ll take the frustration out of managing your medications and help decrease the chance of missing a dose. SelectRx is here to make your life easier and to help you live healthier.


of patients fail to take medications as directed1


of hospital readmissions could be prevented if medications are taken as prescribed2

Not taking medications as directed could cost up to



125,000 premature deaths in the U.S. are the result of not taking medications as prescribed4

Your SelectRx Benefits are Waiting

Here’s what will happen once SelectRx is officially your preferred pharmacy:

Get Your Medications

  • Personalized SelectRx box

  • Free home delivery

  • Automatic monthly refills

  • Presorted medication packets

Improve Your Health

  • Take the right medications at the right time

  • Benefit from being consistent with your prescriptions

  • Improve your overall health and well-being

Ongoing Support

  • Make sure you have the right medications and lowest cost

  • Messages left after hours are checked 24/7 by on-call pharmacist

  • We work directly with your doctors to stay up-to-date on your medications

  • No extra costs outside of your copay

If you have any questions about your medications or SelectRx, contact our team
at 1-855-224-1879.

Frequently Asked Questions About SelectRx

Most of the information we gather comes directly from you during your initial signup. After the signup process, we contact your provider and/or previous pharmacy to gather prescription information including the names, strengths, and quantities of your medications, dosing instructions, refills, provider(s), and other pertinent information.

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It can often take several weeks for us to receive medication transfers from your doctors which is needed to fill your box. During the initial processing phase, we’ll work closely with your doctors, current pharmacy, and/or insurance provider to transfer all your active prescriptions into the SelectRx system. If we are unsuccessful in receiving your prescriptions from your providers or they need your confirmation, we will notify you. Until you are contacted, please continue to fill your prescriptions as you currently are.

It can take a couple of months for us to get all your prescriptions in our compliance packaging. During this time you may receive some of your medications in vials with a partial days supply and then the following month they would be included in compliance packaging like the rest of your prescriptions. There are some medications that may always be in vials due to their nature such as certain controlled substances. At your request we may be able to help add certain of these specialty medications in compliance packaging as well. You may also request to change back to vials for all your medications at any time.

If you need any medications before you receive your first shipment of medications, please contact the pharmacy immediately at 1-855-224-1879.

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There is no additional charge for SelectRx beyond your co-pays and cost of any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or supplements that you choose to add to your medication package. Shipping, handling, or any other extra fees do not exist with SelectRx.

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Once you’ve signed up for SelectRx, our team will work with your doctors and current pharmacy to officially transfer your prescriptions to SelectRx. It may take several weeks to receive your first shipment. This is dependent on how quickly we receive your prescriptions and if there’s any additional information needed from your current pharmacy. If we have any questions for you during this time, we will contact you.

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No, your medication box will be refilled and delivered automatically each month. A SelectRx Care Team member will work directly with your doctor(s) and insurance to refill your prescriptions, but it is very important that you call us at 1-855-224-1879 to notify us of any changes (such as dosage increases or decreases, discontinued medicines, address changes, etc.), as they may affect your next box.

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Express Med Pharmacy Services and Simple Meds were both acquired by SelectRx in 2021. As we continue to transition, your invoice may reference one or the other in addition to SelectRx.

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See What SelectRx Customers Are Saying

I am very thankful for all you do. Everything
comes in my box and I do not have to think about
what medications I have to take.

– EM

I am very grateful for your services. Your team
takes great care of me and takes a huge challenge
off me in taking my medications. You remind me
what medications to take and make sure I take the
correct ones. This has been especially helpful
since I am losing my vision. You do a great job as a
pharmacy. I feel very well taken care of by you!

– NS

Questions? Get in touch with our team at 1-855-224-1879